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Hi there. :)

I've been on a hiatus for some time now, but I wasn't lazy in that time.
I made a own website for the guide, with bigger text and more pictures a step by step guide how to suggest a dd.
Much more enjoyable then the previous guide submitted as deviation.

Check it out here:… ^_^

If there should be any typos or bugs please tell me so that I can fix it asap. :)

Hope you like it. :heart:

Thanks. :#1:
Hi Guys,
I finally had the time to care about #DDW again. I'm very sorry about the long hiatus, but I was very busy and hadn't really the motivation to actually look at the group.

So I changed a lot here. I deleted the favourite section as well the Gallery section because this group was made in fact for solving all the questions about Daily Deviations and less for actually pimping Deviations.

So if you want to submit your Artworks to a group with the focus on getting DDs try it @ GetDailyDeviations. :)

Also I made a custom box on the profile box on the top right with all the information about Daily Deviations. Even thought it's surely not everything yet. If you got any information/groups/interviews about DDs please comment!

Above all I will continue with the DDevious Suggester Interviews soon and also will start a new interview series.

That's all for now. Take care and keep suggesting! :heart:

It took us some time to write this, but finally we're done!
If you have after reading this still questions comment here.
But normaly the Guide should answer all your questions.

:+fav: You can fave it here:… :la:
:heart: Support Stamp: mixedmilkchocolate.deviantart.…

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Everybody can suggest DDs!

1. What is a Daily Deviation?
According to the FAQs a Daily Deviation is a "daily feature chosen from the galleries here on deviantART."

› 1.2 What happens When I get a DD?
Your Artwork will displayed on the Todays Daily Deviation Page, you'll get tons of views what means of course you get lots of faves,comments,watches,etc…
And your deviation will get a Daily Deviation Box under the Artist Comment.

› 1.2.1 3-Month-Rule
If you got a DD you must wait 3 months 'til you are able to get your next DD.

› 1.3 How can I get one?
As simple as it sounds , you have to wait until someone suggests you. If you get a long time none and think that you should get one you can also suggest yourself.
Of course your chances to get one will get higher if you are active in the community and make friends, be a nice person. More People will know you and will see your works.

› 1.3.1 Self Suggestion
If you think an artwork from you deserves the DD Status, you can also suggest yourself for a DD. It works like you would suggest someone else.
If your Suggestion is accepted, there isn't written your name just the name from the GM, so nobody will notice that it was a Self Suggestion.
Self Suggestion are not any longer frowned upon from the GMs side, since the update from some time ago.

› 1.4 What do I do when I disapprove of a DD?
One thing a lot of people will suggest is check out the FAQ: FAQ #873: What do I do when I disapprove of a Daily Deviation feature?
You read that and yet if it doesn't provide you with any reasonable answers or solutions, you decide to take matters into your own hands: you go to the deviation page and post a comment like "How the heck did this get a DD".
Not the best approach. Such comments will only draw negative attention from the community and eventually your comment will be hidden by image's owner. Problem not solved in any way.
So what's the best way to go about it?

According to the FAQ, you should send a note to Moonbeam13 and voice your complain. But before you take your questions to such a high level, you should stop halfway.
See who the Gallery Moderator who featured the piece is. If the image doesn't violate any copyright notices or policy to submitting deviations on dA, send the GM a note asking why did that work receive a feature. Asking the artist himself that question will not solve anything, as chances are he/she doesn't know why it got a DD.
Write a polite note and tell them why you think the piece of art is not worthy. My experience has taught me that the GMs are always eager to clear such misunderstandings. Also, keep in mind that, even though subjectivity plays a big part, the mods are artists who know a lot about the domain they represent (traditional art, photography, literature, etc) and will explain the technical details that made the piece eligible for the Daily Deviation feature.

Being polite is the key element. Think of it this way: you wouldn't like it either if one of your drawings got a DD (or a piece you suggested) and people would say bad things about it.

2. How do I suggest one?
There are 3 Ways how you can suggest a deviation for a DD. Just choose your favourite one.

› 2.1 Classic Way – Notes
First you have to look at the category, if you know the Gallery Moderator for the Category don't mind the next step. If not you can look them up here: FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen?. Open a Note in a new tab, and post in that note the thumb and a reason why you think that it deserves the Daily Deviaton Status. The Subject is a bit critical because some GM's prefer "DD Suggestion" and some prefer "deviation titel by deviant". Choose that what you prefer at the end it's equal. Actually you were done now, but GM's are just normal people, too. Write some words to your suggestion, like "Hello xxx; Thanks for your time; etc…".
Example Suggestion

› 2.2 Note Button in the deviation site
It works nearly like 2.1 but the difference is that you use the note button on the deviation page (besides the artist comment). Hit this button and a little pop up window will appear. Just write your reason under the picture and add the correct Gallery Moderator as Recipient.

› 2.3. Solitude12’s Script
The easiest and coolest way to suggest a DD! Just hit "Suggest DD" (it's located under the Artists Avatar), and a window will pop up. You only must add your reason and then hit "Suggest".
Install it here: SuggestDD v0.5d by Solitude12

3. Why should I suggest a deviation for a DD?
Since Daily Deviations are a global site feature, it gives a great deal of exposure to the deviations that receive it. Suggesting a work for a DD (and hopefully, having the work receive it) helps gives that particular work and the artist the attention it deserves and that it might not have received otherwise. It's a rewarding experience for the artist, but also for you, knowing that you helped show the world a beautiful work of art that they might have missed completely.

› 3.1 What is my profit?
Well, you don't get a "real profit", but the best thing is that you make people happy.
You'll get of course some Pageviews more, but that's not the world.
To be honest if you suggest DDs your Goal shouldn't be to get more attention.

4. What is a Gallery Moderator?
Each gallery is consisted of a rank called a gallery moderator. These moderators are volunteers or staff members chosen by the website to maintain their chosen gallery that they maintain. When someone would like to suggest a daily deviation, they must check the section of which the art work is under, and when that is done they go to the list ( FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen? ) and find the appropriate moderator under the selection of which they need to suggest the Daily Deviation under.

Gallery Moderators are not just for suggesting Daily Deviations though, they can be very useful when it comes to asking for help on the particular piece that you wish to have some help on. They are mainly there to help guide others in making their art better.

Many people do not realize the fact that Gallery Moderators are volunteers no though, so they can not dedicate 100% of their time and effort on this website. If you have any bugs or issues, please go here: help

› 4.1 How can I become one?
You have to send an E-Mail to, and tell them a bit about yourself and why you are interested in Voluntering. Subject in the Mail should be "Interest in Volunteering".
To be a GM you have to be older then 18!

5. Shortcuts
DD = Daily Deviation
GM = Gallery Moderator formerly known as GD = Gallery Director

©2010 DailyDeviationWhores

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A big THANK YOU to Lumysaara, bitchinblack,  Elixia-Dragmire, Me-Myself-And, nonnihil and all other people who helped me to realise this. :la: :heart:
You are the best! <3
Hello. :)

This is a group about DailyDeviations; How can I suggest one, How can I get one; What is a DD?!; and much more about DDs.

This group is still in the very beginning and it will take some time to build it up, so please give us some time. :thanks: